We have arrived!

Not without it’s adventures, our whole team made it to Berlin today! Half of our team got stuck in Chicago overnight because of a storm at the destination of one of our connecting flights. Although the 4 of us arrived safely, our baggage did not. Six pieces of luggage did not come on the plane with us and although 4 of 6 arrived this evening, we are still awaiting 2 pieces. It has been a long time without changes of clothes for 2 teammates and so we are praying these bags come in tomorrow morning.

Despite the mishaps, we were able to connect as a team today, have our first practice, began team orientation and familiarized ourselves with the area of Berlin we are in.

Thanks for praying for us!! We will continue to update this blog regularly on tour. We look forward to sharing stories of how God is at work in our lives and through us in Germany.