Tour Player Testimonials

“This tour was blessed with a wonderful team of men of integrity who love God, as well as dedicated, competent leadership. It was an honour to be a part of it and to serve the Lord and play hockey with these people.”  Jon, Slovakia Tour 2005

“This tour has really opened my eyes to how effective sports ministry can be. It has also stretched me out of my comfort zone in terms of sharing my faith.”  Luke, Russia Hockey Tour 2007

“I have never experienced the Lord’s pleasure as I’ve played soccer.  The game against the U17 Seleccion team was up, and after 11 other games my body was exhausted.  But I went onto the field desiring and expecting God to move. Wrestling with God, almost, to bless me. And as we fought the other team, knowing the game was a battle physically and spiritually…. I played in the strength of the Spirit. I should have been exhausted, but then I made one turn, which led to a goal. Never have I so worshipped the Father in my sport more than in that moment. It wasn’t about me anymore, which was awesome.” Brianna, Paraguay Soccer Tour 2008

“Through this tour, God has challenged and encouraged me in many different amazing ways. I have been learning how to set my heart on things above as I play hockey and through my daily life. I enjoyed most the accountability and encouragement along with the challenges provided by this awesome group of guys.”  Benji, Russia Hockey Tour 2007

“Being involved with a TEAM all committed to a single purpose, as well as having the chance to grow personally in my walk with God with supportive teammates alongside was a real highlight for me!”  Brad, Slovakia Hockey Tour 2005

“So many highlights, but the big one was watching the transformation of one player on the team go from not wanting anything to do with God, to leading the trip’s closing prayer on the final night!”  Nathan, Slovakia Hockey Tour 2008

Our team discipler spoke about the silence of Adam, and how we are supposed to be bold and stand up for Christ. It might be the only time these people hear of Jesus, so it’s our job to spread the good news.”  Benton, Slovakia Tour 2008

“God’s love is universal and transcends culture. For me personally, my initial prayer the first day was that God would take me outside my comfort zone and use me/challenge me. Sharing my testimony and faith with Slovaks really challenged me outside of my boundaries.”  Kevin, Slovakia Hockey Tour 2008

“The culture has impacted me in a couple of ways. First, it taught me more about having a theology of suffering. Many people in this culture live under the poverty line.  Seeing and experiencing how much less many people have yet having more contentedness concerning material possessions than the American culture convicted me. Also, the culture affected my priorities by showing me the importance of fulfilling the Great Commission.  So many souls don’t know Jesus and are so lost without Him. This experience gave me a new and more urgent desire to become involved in ministry.” Kevin, South Africa Tour 2008

“Every time I travel to impoverished countries or cities, God always convicts me of my selfishness and materialistic mindset. He reminds me of the way He has blessed me and I always remember that ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’ (Luke 12:48). .. God has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities of ministry through sport and specifically soccer. Soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world and it was cool to learn how to use it as a vehicle to further God’s kingdom.” Curtis, South Africa Project 2008

“The greatest way God revealed Himself to me was when I was sharing my testimony with the kids at a camp and was explaining to them how much He loves them. I started to become overwhelmed with compassion for them and really wanted them to know Jesus and what it is like to have a relationship with Him.  I began to ramble on about how He wants to hold them in His arms and be their very best friend and I felt these words come right from the depths of my heart, given to me from the Holy Spirit, and could have cried.  So, it was amazing to have just a glimpse of God’s heart and how He feels about each one of us. I will hold onto that feeling and treasure it probably for the rest of my life. It will definitely impact my views and approach to evangelism.” Melissa, Paraguay Project 2008