The Prize: Outreach Guide

Every four years the world stops to watch one of the greatest sporting events, the FIFA World Cup. Before every World Cup for the last number of years, Athletes in Action USA creates a video that features some of the world’s top players.

This year the video is more accessible than ever with it being able to stream for free online ( This makes it easy to use it as an evangelism tool for your church or personal ministry.

AIA Canada wants to help you use this great resource so we have created a walk through guide for you. This guide will give you a few ideas along with the steps to creating an outreach.

The Prize Outreach Guide

It is always difficult getting started with running a new outreach event. Many questions and fears come to mind, but if we step out in faith an event like the World Cup can be a great opportunity to reach your community through sport. Please read a few of the examples below and then use the step by step guide to help you create the best viewing party possible. You don’t have to have a large budget to use this tool. Just some prayer and planning will do the trick.

Example 1: Church, Building, and BBQ
Lets say your church congregation has a great location where you have some good outdoor space as well as a kicking sound system and video projector. Depending on your time zone, you could invite people from your neighbourhood to watch a game on either a Saturday or Sunday and then have a BBQ together. During half time or after the game you could show part of or all of “The Prize” video. This video is good for all ages. You could also look at running a pick up game for the kids and adults or use the soccer coaches in your congregation for a short soccer clinic for the kids. Remember this is all about building relationships.

Example 2: Church plant, no building, and BBQ
Let’s say you meet in a school gym on Sunday mornings so you it is hard for you to get a place to hold a big viewing party.  Why not rent a smaller local space or have your small groups run smaller parties throughout the World Cup at their houses. Most TV’s can connect to the internet now, so you could stream the videos at various times throughout the games. Because it is a smaller setting, the relationships you build could be better and sometimes it is easier to invite neighbours over to a backyard BBQ than it is to a church building.

Example 3: The Family Man
Maybe your kids play youth soccer and you have a heart to build solid spiritual relationships with the parents from their team. You could set up an event where you all bring a food dish and watch the World Cup and “The Prize” together. This is a great way to start a spiritual conversation later on.

Example 4: The Single Soccer Fanatic
You love soccer, you’re single and looking forward to watching the games with your buddies either at a restaurant or at someone else’s house. You can still use “The Prize”.  Just pull out your smart phone and show a brief clip and then send your buddies the full movie link. Make sure you ask them at the next match what they thought.


The above are just a few ways to use the film. Below are a few steps and questions to get you started. You may not need them but they are a good place to get started.

This stage will help you evaluate what type of event you should run. As you answer and think about the following questions it should become clearer as to what everything should look like.

  • Pray and ask God for wisdom and guidance
  • What is your community/neighborhood like? What nationalities are present?
  • What is the soccer community like? Do you have any connection with families, coaches, and/or players?
  • Do you have soccer people in your church community? How could they be involved?
  • Where and when is the best place and time to host? Have a look at the World Cup schedule at
  • Should we host more than one event?
  • Should we include food or other events like a soccer clinic?
  • What do you want to accomplish through this event?
    • Build Relationships in Community?
    • Empower the congregation to reach out?
    • Start a sports ministry?

Now that you have an idea and a vision for your event it is time to start the organization.

  • Find others to help you.
  • Figure out how you will watch the games and video. Test it out.
  • Order any food or supplies you might need. Make a list.

Step 3: INVITE
There are many ways to invite people to this event. Feel free to email us and ask for our poster and marketing material templates. Here are a few ideas…

  • Hang posters at local coffee shops and sport stores
  • Create a Facebook group with all the info
  • Create an email that your congregation could send out to their friends
  • Go door to door in the neighborhood and invite your neighbors.
  • Invite your kids team
  • Send an email to the local soccer team

Step 4: RUN
This is the simple part. Set everything up and get going. Even if it doesn’t go off as planned remember that God has a plan for everything. Have fun and be hospitable.

This might be the most important part. People have decided to come and be a part of your event. So what is next, you can…

  • Ask for their contact info and invite to future events
  • Invite someone out to coffee or to watch another game sometime
  • Have people follow up with those that they invited and ask what they liked about the event
  • Start a Bible Study or a small group based on “The Prize” video. You can find a study guide at

Please remember that we are praying for you and your events. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and also make sure you email us to let us know you are running an event. We will contact you afterward to see how it went and how we can make this better for future World Cups.