Team Culture

Wow, only a little bit of time left here in Germany and then we will be going home. Every once in a while I stop and think to myself, “Wow, I’m in Germany!” I’ve never been to Europe before, and never traveled when I was younger so this is a surreal experience for me. We have seen so much and gone through so much. I have really enjoyed the time with the team, and I love to see them learning new things, and wrestling with how they should apply and live it out in their lives. The games have been very good. The guys really get after it, and coaching them has been such a pleasure. They have picked things up so quickly and they have been completely selfless. Even the local German players that have joined us have picked it up, and it’s shaped the culture of the group. They have truly become a unit. It is so great to coach guys that genuinely care for each other. It all comes from knowing that even with all the character development we need to remember that above all we need to put on love because it binds all the other things together in harmony. It’s been what we teach, and it’s become the culture of the team, and I know that as we leave here we leave behind people who experienced that love. Today we get to go hang out with inner city kids at a youth center. I’m excited to just hang out, and spend time there. One more opportunity to share the love of Christ!

– Matt