Men’s Ethiopia Tour


About Ethiopia…

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the entire world with a mesmerizing mix of Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people. We chose this incredible melting pot for our upcoming tour because we have the unique opportunity to assist an AIA staff member and his family in starting up sports ministry in his home country of Ethiopia.

By joining this tour you will be helping jumpstart a youth academy and have the opportunity to play against the countries top competition. AIA soccer tours are an amazing opportunity to learn about a different country’s soccer and culture, grow physically and spiritually in your sport and faith life, and give yourself a real chance to rely on God.

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To get an idea of what a tour is like check out what happened during last year’s men’s tour:  

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*Travel Disclaimer: We are actively monitoring the Ebola Virus Outbreak in Africa and will only continue to move forward with this trip as long as it is determined that travel to Ethiopia is safe.