Soccer Tour Application

In order to participate in an AIA Soccer International tour or project you must complete an online application.  The application consists of some questions you answer and three references that must be completed for you.

Application Instructions:

    1. If you have previously applied for a soccer tour you need to log in with your same username and password as before.  This will fill in some of your info from the last time you applied.  If this is your first time applying for a soccer tour please follow the directions to create an account.
    2. Soccer Application
      *This site is not just for your application, but will be used throughout the preparation process for tracking funds, viewing your flights, tracking paperwork and other items you need to turn in, and other important information.  You need to bookmark the log in page and keep your username and password.
    3. Once logged in, if the link does not take you directly to the soccer application, click on ‘Soccer Tours’ under the Athletes In Action group.
    4. On the next page click on ‘Soccer Application’.  Then simply follow the instructions to complete the application.

* If you are interested in doing both camps and tour, you only need to do the tour application

Passport Info
In order to complete the online application you will need to have a valid passport.  A valid passport is one that does not expire until after six months of the return date of your tour or project.  If you do not currently have a valid passport please begin the passport application or renewal process immediately and while you are waiting to receive your new passport you can finish the rest of the application.  Here are links to help you apply or renew your passport:

Acceptance Information:

You will be notified by email once you are accepted for an AIA Soccer tour or project.  The email will have crucial information and details on what you need to do next in order to be able to participate in the tour or project.