Sharing love and Grace at York U

Canadian Tennis CentreDownsville Station Team Selfie

Hey Y’all,

This is Victor, and on day 3 of our Pan Am trip we made our way to York University to check out the lay of the land for tennis and track. On our way to the Canadian Tennis Center, we got stuck on the walk way connecting with student volunteers. We broke off into pairs and participated in some free games, using those opportunities to speak with the volunteers. I want to share of two brief stories of God working. We had lunch and made a decision to pray and attempt using Solarium for the first time. Solarum is a cool tool that uses photographs to help facilitate spiritual conversations. If you are interested you can check out more at:

Becki, Emily and Brit broke off and approached a group of girls. They appeared to have been very responsive and open with what they thought, what they have been through. While this was happening, Orion and I weren’t having much luck until we met Dan. He was loosely Hindu because of family and loosely Buddhist because of his own thoughts and convictions. He was very positive, open, and hopeful for a better world. Orion shared his beliefs, and as we look back we can laugh that
some of Orion’s analogies were just over his head. God however really spoke through us clearly allowing us to address Dan’s questions regarding hell, and lead into the greatest love he’s never known. God allowed us to diffuse what could have been a disaster regarding heaven, hell, judgement, and worldviews.

Glory to God for allowing us to give him the gospel of grace and love through Jesus Christ. We were able to remind him of this over and over again, and left knowing that although he didn’t turn to Christ. He was more open to Jesus than ever and said he would remain open.

God at work y’all. Thanks for keeping us in prayer, and those who we encounter.

Grace and Peace!