Setting Sights on Ethiopia

Hello friends, family, and supporters!

Hope you all are doing well. Crazy to think we are less than one month away from being in Ethiopia. Time really flies! Before we go, we wanted to give everyone a little idea of who will be leading this team as well as when you can expect to hear from us.

Here’s a little glimpse into our lovely staff team :

Leading the tour is Heather Stevenson. She’s a Cali native but has been serving with AIA Canada for 4 years. She has lead tours to Southeast Africa, Brazil and across Canada. Heather’s been busy working with our crew in Ethiopia making sure our schedule is full and evertything is set for us. She loves reading, the Office, and laughing….a lot!

Co-leading is Aaron Albu. This will be Aaron’s second tour to Ethiopia as he helped lead the men’s tour in 2015. He’s infamous for his toe punt and jokes. Aaron’s been hard at work on all the finances and logistics for the trip i.e. making sure we have food to eat and a place to sleep (we have both :)).

Joey Passi will be coaching the men’s team as well as helping with camps and Coaching 4 Life. In addition to working with AIA, Joey coaches at a local club and will be the head men’s coach of Providence College in Manitoba this coming year. He’s also the reigning champion of the coveted AIA title for most pizza eaten in one sitting.

Rachel Bauer will be coaching the women’s team as well as leading the Coaching 4 Life conferences. She completed her masters this past year in coaching education and will be coaching the tour team for the second year running. She enjoys candle lit dinners, long walks on the beach and early bedtimes.

Leading discipleship for the women and helping with finances is the wonderfully organized Jessica Feeney. Jess works full-time with AIA campus ministry in Ottawa. Fun fact about Jess, before becoming part of the AIA family she skated for Disney on Ice as a Disney Princess.

Co-leading discipleship for the men is Rod Alm. Rod has been a part of AIA for long than most of us have been alive and anchors the campus minstry in Saskatoon. If you get the chance ask Rod to read you a bedtime story…you won’t regret it.

Leading discipleship along with Rod is Shawn Hermanson. Shawn joined the AIA family just last year after spending years working in the business world. Shawn’s celebrating 24 years of marriage to his Norwegian Princess and loves watching his 3 kids play hockey and ice skate and fancies himself contemplative time on mountian tops.

And I’m Brittany. I’m also from California and this will be my fourth tour with AIA. I’ll be helping out with our tour blog and sharing our journey with everyone back home while we are away. Our goal is to write a blog for everyday we are in country, however, it will be dependent on the interent access as to how timely those get posted. But we will do our best to keep you updated. In addition to following our blog you can keep tabs on us through our Facebook or Instagram account, AIA Soccer.

Thank you for all your support and prayers!!

Much love!