Running for Hope

Paraguay is one of the fastest growing countries in the Americas, yet unknown to most is the persistent poverty that envelops much of society. Children, the most vulnerable, are left behind, forced to live with their families in squatter zones in metropolitan cities like Ascunción. Here, broken families, poverty, and gangs are the norm. With so few options, most will face a bleak future.

What if there was hope?

What if one day this same child found a place where she received love, care, food, and an opportunity to play sports for the first time? Imagine the impact this could have on her life…and multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of other children.

For the past five years, SportAid has partnered with local Paraguay ministry, Jesus Responde, to establish over 350 nutrition centres across the country. These centres provide food, loving care, and kids programs for 21,000 children, and 60 of them now feature sports programs. For many, this is the first time they have ever had an opportunity to play sports!

On May 9 – 24, 2014, SportAid is organizing a special fundraising event in Paraguay called “Running with Hope” to help impoverished children in the country and raise awareness for the plight of Paraguayans. Canadian runner Albert Martens (Athletes in Action) and a team of others will participate in a 300 km extreme marathon around the country to support these nutrition centres and raise enough funds to build 200 more. With the goal of reaching 500 centres, SportAid wants the sports programs therein to be a vehicle for growing the next generation of youth to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

The Corrida por la Esperanza project is an amazing opportunity for SportAid to show God’s practical love throughout the entire country through serving needy children. As well, local residents and communities will be engaged through various events planned along the route to promote the sport of running, and further awareness of nutrition centres.

Through partnerships with local churches and missions agencies, a door is opened to share the love of Christ and to see present and future generations impacted for the Kingdom. As the marathon passes through 15 towns, local ministry Jesus Responde will plan several key events to share the gospel with thousands of people – including children, youth, and some of the country’s top sports and community leaders!

Today, you can help SportAid bring hope to communities in Paraguay through Corrida por la Esperanza! This is an incredible opportunity to promote the physical, spiritual and emotional health of thousands of children in Paraguay through the power of sport and evangelism. Will you partner with us?

Please consider how you can support this event in the following ways:

  • Runner Sponsorship – $5000
  • Run Essentials (Gear, water, meals) – $1500
  • Operational Needs: In Country Transportation – $2500
  • Operational Needs: Emergency Vehicles – $3000
  • 15 Evangelistic Events: $500/community – $7500
  • Evangelistic Materials – $1000
  • Establish 5 New Nutrition Centres – $1000 per Nutrition Station

Additionally, you can also help AIA staff who need the support to run the hundreds of nutrition centres on the ground in Paraguay. This will go towards the ongoing recruiting, training, equipping, resourcing and event coordination.

AIA Staff Sponsorship for nutrition centres – Monthly support (for ongoing operational costs)  $1,500

The “Running with Hope Extreme Marathon” is hosted in partnership with the Asunción Marathon Association, Paraguay Ministry of Sport, Transformando Juntos Paraguay, the city of Encarnación, and corporate as well as individual sponsorships.

You can help feed and impact over 20,000 people in Paraguay.