Room in the Inn

In preparation for Christmas, I find myself asking the question concerning the coming of Jesus:

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“Is there room in the Inn?” This question is important to me, because it gets me reflecting “In what ways am I making room in my life for the Lord?”. This reflection, in its own right helps me to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading, which makes Christmas very meaningful to me. As the Holy Spirit leads me I have never been so enthusiastic about the direction and momentum of the AIA ministry in Canada. We have formulated our Athletes in Action “DNA” and refocused our attention on the importance of reaching athletes and developing them through the process of spiritual multiplication. This ensures that we are not simply “doer’s” of ministry, but also developers of disciples who are used by the Holy Spirit to impact the life of another, and of another, and so on. Thank you for your love, prayers and support of our AIA ministry through the past year. We appreciate your partnership that enables life transformation through athletic ministry! In partnership with you, Trevor Froehlich