Making the Most of Injury Time

Today we started our weeklong training camp with Leah’s elite development team and a women’s division three team. I have been really looking forward to this week and connecting with younger players on and off the court. Before our morning session we prayed as a team that the Holy Spirit would be present in the gym and that as we played and coached Christ’s light and love would shine through us.

At the beginning of the morning’s session, I noticed one girl who was not participating on the sideline. I had hurt my foot in our last game so I was not participating either, so I decided to go over and talk to her. We connected right away, comparing ACL surgery scars and talking about basketball. Shortly after talking more about basketball, she started to open up about some other personal difficulties she is having in her life. I was shocked to hear what she was sharing because it was some of the same difficulties I face in my own life. I found myself immediately thanking God for not being able to participate in practice and being able to talk to her instead. After a long and in depth conversation during practice on the sideline, I was able to pray for her and affirm her in how much God loves her. I am so thankful that we get a full week to pour love and life into these girls.

After training camp we went to eat traditional German schnitzel as well as some delicious gelato to beat the heat. We then finished the day with a team bible study time discussing the roots of thankfulness and spiritual gifts. I am so thankful for this team and for the laughs and stories we are sharing together!

– Jaime

On the way to the gym for practice earlier in the week.

On the way to the gym for practice earlier in the week.