Kiwi Connections

imageFirst let me introduce myself! My name is Kelsey and I am Athletes in Action staff in New Zealand. I am originally from the USA and swam for the Universiy of Georgia but have been in New Zealand for almost two years. The World University Games has been a fantastic place for our staff in Oceania to connect with athletes in ways we otherwise wouldn’t have. Over the past two days I have been able to build into two kiwi athletes named Jill* and Bridget*. They had not heard of Athletes in Action or sports ministry before our conversations.

Jill* and Bridget* both want to build into their team but wanted help in how to communicate both the gospel and biblical truths. Athletes at these games face a tremendous amount of pressure. Many are trying to get their qualifying times for Rio 2016 and for others, this may be this largest world stage they have ever competed on. I was able to sit with these two girls and go through Luke 22:39-46. We talked about how Jesus faced pressure and how he responded. Then we were able to pray together and seek the Lord. After the study, they talked about how helpful it is for them to have a safe place outside their team to process through some of this pressure and pray together.

It is so exciting to see these girls seek the Lord and desire to see their teammates know Christ. Bridget* has already taken several teammates to church and is looking forward to continuing to reach out to her teammates. She has done well so far in these games which has given her great respect within her team. Jill* lives near me and wants to continue to meet back in New Zealand and wants to see Athletes in Action grow. She also wants to come to Ultimate Training Camp in Novemeber in Auckland.

God has used these games in many ways to give the ministry in New Zealand great momentum going into our second semester and Ultimate Training Camp.

For the team,