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A couple days ago I was asked if I could write a blog post. I kind of agreed without really giving it much thought, but later started to stress a little. I can’t put into words how amazing it’s been to see the incredible ways in which God has shown up and used people to send His message of hope, but I didn’t really have any cool, out-of-this-world stories. Through wracking my brain to try a figure out a story to tell, I realized that the Lord has definitely been challenging me to stop being so concerned with my expectations. My expectations coming on this tour were that I was going to be sharing the gospel and getting into super deep spiritual conversation with almost every athlete I met. It was a rather rude awakening to see that that wasn’t the case, and it really made me question my purpose here. Sometimes we have these expectations of how God will use us, and while we know that our God is a God that answers prayers, we want it to happen on our timing and in our way instead of “letting God be God” (Steph’s favourite line :P).

This brings me to my story. Yesterday, we went on a sightseeing tour of some of Korea’s tourist attractions. We ended up walking through a bamboo forest in 33 degree Celsius weather. I was feeling hot, sweaty, and generally uncomfortable. As we continued on our tour, one of the tourists started talking to me; her name was Kristy* and she was a golfer from Poland. I began to ask her how the competition has been going and she told me that she got disqualified because the jet lag caused her to sleep past her alarm and miss the beginning of the competition by two minutes! After training so long and hard for this event, to not compete would be pretty tough. She seemed to be doing really well with it though and quickly opened up about how just being here has been a victory for her. Simultaneously, she’s balancing medical school and golf with little support from her school faculty, and it has all been very challenging. The conversation continued for a while and ended when the tour finished and we exchanged contact information.

I didn’t talk about God’s unfailing love or pray a beautifully eloquent prayer with her, but she let me in to a part of her life where I got the opportunity to know and genuinely care about her. In that, I realized that as humans we often measure success by the grandeur of the achievement – this is what I based my expectations on. Great stories = great success. But by being faithful in answering the call to come on this trip, being bold in starting up conversations with complete strangers, and being patient in waiting on the Spirit to lead in conversation, we are doing exactly what the Lord desires of us – no matter how small of an impact we think we have.

Moral of the story: Letting go of expectations is the start of God using you as an instrument for His glory.

Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done (Luke 22:42)

For the team,