Hockey Tours

Athletes In Action Canada is committed to building movements of evangelism and spiritual multipliers around the world. It is our goal that AIA Hockey tours be catalysts to develop local AIA ministries in various countries by means of touring teams and projects. In 1993, AIA Canada sent it’s first hockey tour to the Czech Republic. Since 2001, we have sent ten teams, mobilizing and equipping nearly 200 players, to places like Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Each of these countries are at various stages in developing their local AIA Hockey ministry and it is our desire to see their fruitful progress and growth.

Volunteer participants are what make these tours possible. By giving us your time, whether two weeks or two months, we hope and plan to build into each individual as a participant in our AIA Hockey international tour or project. Each person involved is trained spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It is our goal that as we cause changes in countries around the world, the individuals participating with us will also change. By growing in their faith, being trained for sport ministry, and learning how God uses faith and sport together, they will take what they’ve learned home with them and feasibly see God use them in their university/college, hockey team or work place to further His Kingdom.

As a participant you’ll be trained in how to share your faith, experience a different culture, see God work in your life and the lives of your teammates, all while playing the sport that you love.

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If you have more detailed questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page as it addresses the specifics about being on an international tour.

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