Hockey SOS Application Process

STEP 1: Apply Online


  1. Go to the login page. Book mark this page for future use.
  2. Click on ‘Create an Account’ and fill in all the info to create an account for yourself. Record your Username and Password and keep for future use.
  3. Once logged in, click on the link ‘2013 Hockey SOS/Coach Application’ under the Athletes in Action logo.
  4. You will then be at the Home Page. Please read all the info outlined in this page.
  5. On the left side of the Home Page there is a side bar which contains all of the different pieces that we will need you to complete. Simply click on the top one ‘Personal Information’, fill in and work your way down. Please note that if you need to log out before you have finished one or any of the pieces, click ‘Save’ at the bottom and it will save the info you have entered to that point for the next time that you log in.
  6. The last form you will complete is ‘Submit Application’. Please note that once you have submitted your application, you will be able to change your personal information and reference information as necessary, but you will NOT be able to change your answers.


STEP 2: Submit Application Fee
Upon completion of application, please send a $25 application fee (payable to AIA Hockey) to the address below. Applications will not be reviewed without this fee being received.

STEP 3: Criminal Record Check
In our effort to create a safe environment for children all participants are required to perform and pass a criminal record check before they can be accepted. Drop by your local police department to request one. There may be a fee that we ask participants to cover.

STEP 4: Application Reviewed
A phone call may be required in the process of reviewing your application.

STEP 5: Wait for Acceptance
A Hockey SOS staff person will contact you regarding your acceptance and placement. You will also receive an acceptance package with more specific information to help you prepare for your summer of ministry.

Please submit fee and criminal record check to:

AIA Hockey
20385 64 Avenue
Langley, BC  V2Y 1N5

Phone: 604-514-2075
Fax: 604-514-2124