Sent to Serve: The Haiti Project

The Camp

The Wray family has started a children’s camp in southern Haiti close to the town of Cayes. Their goal is to integrate a week of camp into the school curriculum for the local schools: teaching the kids about proper ways to use technology, giving them the opportunities to play different sports and integrating worship and bible teaching.

Recently they have begun a volleyball program with a group of girls from the local surrounding towns. They teach volleyball skills alongside providing the girls with a means for a better quality of life. This includes providing vitamins, clothes and weekly food. They also create opportunities for the community to come into the camp and play volleyball/ basketball/ soccer, creating a safe environment for laughter and good times.


The Vision 

Step 1: Support the camp. We will raise money for Camp Mahanaim to help further their ministry.

Step 2: Visit the camp. We want to send a group of AIA athletes and leaders from within our CRAVE program on a missions trip to Camp Mahanaim.

Step 3: Bring the camp here. Following visiting the camp, we want to bring the children to the Lower Mainland to visit our culture.

The Challenge

Ambitious vision. How do we pull it off?

Put simply, we need you. We want to challenge the AIA volleyball community to rally around Camp Mahanaim and support their ongoing mission.

This is a unique opportunity to unite your high school or club team in pursuit of a worthy cause. Be creative as you raise awareness and funds for the camp and document your efforts along the way.

The Incentive

AIA wants to support the efforts being done by the community. We will be offering discounted camps for the member of each team that wins one of the two following categories:

Most money raised

Most creative fundraising

In order to be eligible for a prize you need to collect funds and send them towards our donation page below. On it you can designate which school the money should be counted towards. Along the way send us e-mails of pictures, videos and a write-up of what you did to raise funds to be eligible for the most creative fundraising category.

The Specifics

Want to learn more about Camp Mahanaim? Visit their website:

Want to donate? Visit our donation page:

Also connect with us at: