Great Spiritual Dialogue at Ryerson

Ryerson Pan AmOur PanAm Crew embraced Sunday as a day of rest. The Feeney’s (friends of AIA and in-laws of one of the staff) welcomed us with open arms to a BBQ and swim at their home in Scarborough. We also attended two church services and heard two important messages. One of them was about diversity which was particularly relevant to our project as we are encountering people of various races and ethnicities from all over the world. It was an awesome reminder for us that God loves us all equally and through Him we are unified. We pray that throughout this final week we will not only celebrate each other’s differences but our similarities.

Yesterday our PanAm crew went to hang out at Ryerson University campus and engaged in a couple of memorable spiritual conversations. One in particular was with a Muslim named Naaz. We had a great dialogue with him using Perspective cards He appreciated us sharing our faith and thanked us for listening to his views and beliefs. He has had encounters in the past with Christians who had judged Islam, so he was very grateful for our open dialogue. He said he is currently content with where he is in his faith but in the future if his beliefs were to change, he would be open to Christianity. I thank the Lord for giving us the guidance and wisdom through this conversation to plant a seed within Naaz and we will continue to pray for his spiritual journey.