Go Hard, Go Home!

It’s hard to imagine that 2 weeks ago we touched down in Germany with lots of expectations and uncertainties.  As I write this, we are wrapping up our last day and it was a day filled with encouragement, emotions and examples of love, family and dependence on Christ.  We spent the morning continuing with our team time testimonies and oddly enough, I shared my life and how Christ has greatly impacted me with the guys.  I feel a great affinity to our team here and am sad to part ways with this team because we’ve become family.  We moved into a time of mutual encouragement and sharing of how God has revealed to us his working in each person’s life throughout this trip.  I believe the legendary “Rodd” created this encouragement circle on tour and I can say with great certainty that God showed up through it.  Although it was our last day, we were preparing for the biggest game in most of our lives tonight and praying that God would open doors for us to share and speak into the lives of those we competed with.  I was privileged enough to play 25 minutes tonight in definitely the biggest game of my life, and it was a blast.  We came, saw and did not conquer but we fought valiantly with a smile on our faces and uplifted spirits waiting to see how God would use us.  We had so much fun and had an opportunity to talk to many of the guys through our “Powerade Initiative”.  As we prepare to leave for the airport tomorrow morning, we are praying for God to transform this nation with the gospel and that we are just the beginning of seeing Christ exalted through the platform of sport.  Thank you for coming along for the journey with us and praying for us!  The Lord truly worked in us and through us.

Victor Dang