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Throughout our history we have relied on people like you to fulfill our God given mission in sport. All sport teams rely on a variety of people to help them succeed. That is why we see our staff, volunteers, athletes, coaches, participants, supporters, ministry partners, and church partners as “One Team” that have one goal of showing, demonstrating, and telling the world about God’s Love for them. We see all of our journeys with AIA as Faith Adventures that help people Discover God, Experience His power, and help Inspire others to the same journey. Will you join us on this adventure?

The need is great. The time is now. Get in the game today!


Are you looking for a career in Sports Ministry? Do you love sports but also want to tell people about God? Maybe you should look at signing up with us. Check out our staff opportunities below.

Office Opportunities – Just like any pro sports team we need a great group of people to help organize all the programs and events we have going on around the world. Why not use some of your gifts to help build ministry platforms that others can use to share God with others.

Field Opportunities – These are opportunities to get in the trenches and journey with athletes through their Faith Adventures.

View our opportunities.


Want to get involved in changing your community, country, and even your world through the platform of sport? Are you short of time and cannot help full time? Do you want to keep your current job but want to see if you can help AIA?

Why not Volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to use your gifts. Check out our opportunities.


Are you looking for an exciting few weeks of using your sport to reach out to the world? Do you feel God calling you to a deeper relationship with him and you are unsure how to get there? Get involved in one of our tours or projects and continue your discipleship journey. Start your journey today.


Do you have an interest in coaching? How about working with kids? How about seeing lives changed and not just that but seeing entire communities change? Maybe you want to work with University level athletes on an international tour experience? Well we have a lot of opportunities for you to meet you coaching and ministry needs. Check out our opportunities.


Are you a university student? Do you need to complete an internship in your field of education for credit? Or maybe you want to take a break from studying and want to serve for a year? Are you willing to raise your personal funds? Let AIA help you through internship programs. Check out our opportunities.


Do you have a desire to see one of our AIA programs start in your area? For more info about our programs please check out our program page. Below are some of our most used community programs:

Church Partnership Camps

Friday Night Basketball

Student Link University Program