Finding Peace in Bahar Dar



Over the past few days I have been blown away by the beauty that we have been fortunate to experience here in Ethiopia. From the mountains and lakes, to the hearts of people, God’s presence is alive in Ethiopia. Today, we started our day by receiving a warm welcome from a sport science professor and the dean of graduate studies at the University of Bahir Dar. They were so appreciative to have us come to their university; meanwhile, I feel like we are the ones who are truly blessed to have this opportunity to build relationships with them. In the afternoon, I met a bright student named Anthony who has completed 4 of his 5 years of engineering studies. He hopes to further his education in North America after he graduates, and then return to help educate others in Ethiopia. People here in Ethiopia have been so welcoming and willing to show us their culture. I have loved learning about their language and history. Later in our evening’s discipleship session, Rob Alm encouraged us to be God’s instruments while here in Ethiopia though Isaiah 52:7. It reads: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘your God reigns!'” This passage is deeply significant to me as I felt God place this verse on my heart two days before this session. Using the word “peace” as a focal point throughout this trip helps remind me of the reason why I am here – to help share God’s love to his people though the Gospel of peace. When I play games “peace” will also help calm my nerves, shake off my mistakes, and remind me that our purpose for being here is far greater than the game of soccer. Soccer is merely a platform and international language to help spread God’s love to the beautiful people of Ethiopia. Without the support of our friends and family, none of this would have been possible. As the Ethiopians would say “Amaseganalo”; thank you for your prayers and God bless.

  • -Danae