Faith With Action

For a lot of people who feel called to an Athletes in Action tour, the hesitation is money. Tours are expensive and the cost can be daunting. “How will I get fully funded?” they often ask. Every year we see people walk away from the calling God has placed on their heart because they can’t imagine how the Lord will provide for them.

Brian Butler, a senior at King University, was no exception. Thousands short of his support goal with only weeks to go, instead of walking away, he stood in faith. Now back from Panama, fully supported.


For Brian knowing he was called to be a part of this tour was no question. However, many times in the past he had fallen short on raising funds to go on missions trips. So with much hesitation he started the support raising process.

Off to a quick start, he raised $700 in only two weeks. Clearly things were going to be different this time. Then, unexpectedly, support stopped coming in. Despite, letters, emails and calls nothing. For the next month, only $200 would come in from supporters. “My mindset began to change drastically after the first two weeks. It seemed as if no one was able to or wanted to support me.”

“During this span when I wasn’t able to raise much money I began to really doubt I was going to be able to get enough money to go. I felt like God had called me to go on this trip but the funds weren’t coming in so I questioned if the trip was just something I wanted to do and assumed God wanted me to do it as well.”

With a little encouragement from his parents and a reminder from James 2:17 about the importance of accompanying our faith with actions. Brian got back on track, covering his finances in prayer and sending out more letters than ever before. “As I started putting more action to my faith I saw God show up so big and right on time. I raised over $2500 in a matter of three weeks. The three weeks before we had to have all the money turned in.”

Brian’s story is not unfamiliar to those who come on tour. For those participants willing to stand in faith when times get tough we see them enter tour fully funded and with a new depth to their faith.

Brian’s advice, “to all future support raisers, when times get rough don’t take the easy way out and stop raising support for a time, press even harder because in that you are showing God that you are serious about your faith and His promises.”

This could be your story!

Are finances the only thing keeping you from joining an Athletes in Action tour? Don’t let fear stop you from fulfilling God’s calling. Check out our upcoming tour to Ethiopia!