Experiencing God on and off the Court

Friday night we played our first official game against a very good team in Hannover. We invited the Holy Spirit out on the court with us, and our focus was to praise Him for who He is through our play. The game was a battle – physically and spiritually. I found my focus shifting easily from praising God to the scoreboard, my performance, or simply how tired I was.

After the game we were going to have pizza with the other team, and I didn’t want to, I was exhausted. But Rox brought us in and said, “Ok girls, now is the part of the night that really matters. Let’s go love on these girls.” And that was the first time where I think I started to understand God’s purpose for basketball.

I got the opportunity to share my story with the other team, specifically about losing my Dad to ALS, and then how I found comfort, value and worth through basketball and the affirmation I received from it. I talked about this past year of how crushed I would be every week when I got a phone call telling me I wasn’t chosen to play. And as I was up there I had a special moment with each player, simply because they had felt pain too.

In my life God has used basketball to break me down, and now He’s beginning to use it as a tool to experience His presence. In His presence I have started to realize how much he delights in me and wants me to have fun on the court. Through playing basketball on this tour I have started to understand how much Jesus loves me.

That night I got to see God use basketball and my story to meet these girls in the corners of their hearts – that big section that basketball occupies, where they experience hurt and disappointment, alone. I trust and believe that God planted seeds in these areas of their hearts, and He is going to water them and bring more light to grow them.

– Emily

Emily sharing her story on Friday night in Hannover

Emily sharing her story on Friday night in Hannover