Castles, testimonies and battles on the court

Day 12. So far Germany has surpassed my expectations of how beautiful a country can be.  We have seen multiple castles, and churches that dwarf anything I have ever seen in Canada.

From the team standpoint everyone is jelling closer, and we have the makings of a great team. Last night we played a 2 Div B team and lost by 11. It was a good game and very different style than I’m used too… however it is great being coached by Matt, and playing with all these guys. I have never been on a team that works this hard at every position. When Brandon, Jason, Marcio, and Victor play it is evident that God is at work in their lives by how hard they work.  After the game we talked to some of the club guys, and got some contact info; hopefully that can develop in to a friendship for some of us.

Lets see what else… Testimonies have been huge for our team. This morning Marcio shared. He has an extremely powerful testimony of God’s provision, and the fact that he has a fiancée should prove to anyone out there that anything is possible with God. 🙂

It has been great to share our stories in a way that brings us closer together, and allows us to understand what we are all going through individually. God is at work here in Germany, not just with our German contacts, but also in the hearts of all the guys and girls on this team.

So far I have seen this team give all they had for the camp last week, pray for kids and adults alike by name continuously, and basically give selflessly to the German Community for a week and a half.  Which are all great things, and will continue. But for some reason I have a feeling that even though we are playing a better team tonight, we are going to give this team a little taste of a Canadian fight. We will still pray for them and try and connect after the game, but right now it just feels right to get after it. My favorite stories in the bible have always been those when the Lord lights a fire in his warriors before the battle, and I can’t really describe it, but the fire has been lit in every guy today.

Excited to watch God work today!