Camps in Frankfurt

Today marks the half-way point of our camp here in Frankfurt. The first few days have been filled with fun games, great basketball drills, and encouraging testimonies from coaches. Whether it has been a competitive game of drain train, ball handling drills with Marico, or Marek leading a intense session of mass defense, the campers are having a blast. The kids have been amazing. Our camp is for ages 10-17 and all the kids speak English except for one, Wycliff our only nine year old. It is incredible how the campers look out for Cliff. They translate for him and help him with drills without us even saying anything. They also refused to steal his basketball in a game of dribble knockout, which ended in Cliff coming second, because he lost his dribble off his foot. It is really encouraging for us coaches to witness this. The campers are beginning to engage in discussion during our testimony time and we are excited for God’s plans for the second half of our camp.

– Brandon