Friday Nite Basketball

Friday Nite Basketball is a community based, non-profit program run by Athletes in Action.  We are committed to the ongoing development of local basketball leagues across Canada.

  • To pursue excellence in basketball and to develop the fundamental skills of basketball (read more)
  • To pursue our ‘More Than a Game’ philosophy by encouraging personal growth, character development, and sportsmanship which are advantageous in the “court” of life (read more)
  • To encourage active participation in a fun, positive and safe environment

We currently have gyms running in the following provinces. Please click on your province to see if we have a gym in your community.

British Columbia


Our Passion

We are committed to developing complete players. Our basketball training will focus on three key fundamental skills:

  • Dribbling – controlling the court with confidence
  • Driving – lay-ups win games
  • Shooting – because that’s what makes the game fun!

If you would like general information on FNB, please fill out our General Interest Form to begin the journey of getting involved with Friday Nite Basketball.

Click here for info on the children’s fitness tax credit

Volunteer Information

Our programs cannot be successful without the help of our committed team of volunteer coaches and parents – we would love to give you an opportunity to serve with us in a volunteer role this year that fits your passion!

Read through the list below and if anything catches your eye, please get in touch with the director leading the FNB in your community.

Gym Director – responsible for the overall coordination and running of the gym (usually Head Coach)

Coach – coaches basketball and is responsible for one team in gym (usually 4 teams per gym); under the leadership of Gym Director/Head Coach

Asst. Coach – provides assistance to coach

Gym Parent – assists with various administrative responsibilities of running the gym (taking attendance, name tags, communication with parents when necessary, handing out materials, etc.)

Cross Training Leader – lead the “More Than A Game” halftime discussions

School Rep – represent & promote AIA Friday Nite Basketball in your school (hang up posters, keep brochures available, inserts in school newsletters, etc.)

Church Rep – represent & promote AIA Friday Nite Basketball in your church (hang up posters, keep brochures available, inserts in church bulletins, etc.)

Photographer – take photos that can be used to promote FNB for publicity purposes (in brochures, marketing pieces, etc.).

Registration – help with registration in your area

Halftime Refreshment Coordinator – coordinate refreshments for your gym (every Friday night and/or for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

Halftime Refreshments – volunteer to bring refreshments for one night

Sponsorship – sponsor a child to attend Friday Nite Basketball for a season