Anthony Calvillo

Could Anthony Calvillo have anything more to learn?

Let’s look at the facts: He is the all time professional football passing yards leader. He leads the CFL in all time passing yards, career TD passes and career completions. He has won 3 Grey Cups while also being voted Most Outstanding Player 3 times. With so much experience under his belt, are there any lessons this quarterback still needs to learn?

AC thinks so.

“I feel one of the contributing factors to my success as a quarterback has been a willingness to learn from my coaches and an openness to their input,” says Calvillo. The veteran quarterback may be a good pupil now, but that wasn’t always the case. “At the beginning of my career, I really didn’t listen to too many people,” he says. “I thought I had all the answers. Looking back now I can see I was wrong.”

But life is sometimes a tougher game than football. In 2000, Calvillo realized things in his personal life weren’t working. “My career wasn’t headed in the right direction and I was feeling pretty down,” he says. “I had some friends who were Christians and when I talked to them, they’d give me some spiritual input.”

“Then a close friend’s wife passed away suddenly,” he recalls. “Two nights later he and I were together, and it hit me that if I suddenly died, I didn’t know what would happen to me. Would I go to heaven? I didn’t know.” Calvillo decided to allow himself to be coached by Jesus Christ, the ultimate Teacher. That night he prayed a prayer giving his life to God and asking Him for forgiveness and guidance.

Today, AC knows if he is going to excel at his game, his marriage, and his life, he has to be willing to keep learning—not just from people who are paid to teach him, but from the God who deeply loves him.