AIA New Leader

Within the past year, the ministry has chartered a renewed vision for spiritual multiplication. In December 2012, Trevor Froehlich was appointed the new National Director of Athletes in Action Canada. Prior to this, Trevor had been active in Power to Change’s ministry for over 16 years and most recently, led the AIA Campus Division for five years. By focusing on working with spiritual multipliers, Trevor has led significant growth in the campus ministry.

In his role as the National Director, Trevor’s desire is focused on strengthening AIA overall through unifying the different divisions together and using a collaborative approach to ministry. With a new collaborative leader, the entire team can move forward with hope and confidence to accomplish its vision in 2013 and beyond. Trevor’s greatest passion is “to see the entire AIA ministry focus on being spiritual multipliers, who raise up spiritual multipliers, who raise up spiritual multipliers.”  This refocus on spiritual multiplication will continue to be a north star for AIA staff as we play our role in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Maintaining a strong movement of spiritual multiplication, however, cannot be achieved without AIA’s faithful supporters who are the backbone of the ministry. Moving forward, AIA is eager to share news, events, and stories on a regular basis so that donors can be more in touch with the ministry. That’s why AIA is introducing Sportlight to communicate what is happening via monthly emails, blog posts, and stories. “We are so thankful for your involvement with us,” Trevor says. “We hope these stories are encouraging to you as you continue to be part of the AIA team. We couldn’t do this without you.”

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