A Light in Dark Places

Last night three of us had the unique opportunity to partner with a local ministry called Alabaster Jar, which is a group of women seeking to connect with, serve and minister to female prostitutes on the streets in Berlin. When I first heard that a few of us from the team would have the chance to go, I really didn’t know if I should volunteer; I felt way out of my comfort zone, had no idea what to expect and couldn’t even imagine what I would say. On the bus ride over, I realized that sometimes all Jesus calls us to do is show up, and allow Him to use us in those circumstances. So often I allow myself to be ruled by fear and doubt…fear that I won’t know what to say or do, doubt that I’m not the right person for the job or that somehow I will make a mess of the opportunities I have to share the gospel with others. But this time, Elle, Hannah and I just showed up; nerves, uncertainty and all, and I believe God worked in each of our hearts in different ways that night.

We had the opportunity to hear the leaders and volunteers share about their ministry here in Berlin and what is happening around the world in regards to issues of prostitution and human trafficking. It was inspiring and challenging for me personally, to hear them speak about how prayer is, and will continue to be, the most effective and powerful tool we have against these issues. In many ways they reminded me of AIA – seeking to care for the total person, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our role for the night was being part of their prayer team, walking around the streets where the women work, praying over buildings and specific people we saw along the way.

Throughout this trip I have begun to see how God can use each of us to shine His light into dark places in whatever context we find ourselves, whether that is on the streets in a foreign city, or with our friends at home. I’m beginning to realize that I am enough, just the way I am. I don’t need to make myself worthy, prove myself or somehow earn the right to be involved in something; God has declared me worthy just as I am, with all my fears and flaws. I was reminded of how God is in control, both of my life and these kinds of worldwide issues, even in the midst of profound brokenness, sadness and despair. There are times to take action, and times to be still and know that He is God. Walking around the streets praying together didn’t feel useless, or hopeless, or discouraging – I believe I gained new understanding on how powerful our God is, and that Jesus came to set the captives free.

– Julie