Since 1993, Athletes in Action Soccer has been sharing the message of Jesus to the soccer community worldwide using various mediums including:

  • teams
  • coaching
  • projects
  • international tours
  • pro chaplaincy
  • camps

The vision is simple – to tell those about Jesus who don’t yet know him and to take those who are Christ-followers and involved in soccer to a deeper level spiritually. The ultimate goal is creating movements of evangelism and discipleship through soccer worldwide where every soccer player would know someone who knows and follows Jesus.

Each year we have a number of opportunities where you can be involved. There is something available for every skill level and age, but we typically work with high-level university athletes. We look to help you become more holistic focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, while exploring the idea of becoming a Soccer Minister by using your gifts to serve God. Please have a look around the site and if you have any questions you can always contact us.