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To Row or Not To Row

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The world of professional sport is foreign to most of us who only see a flash of athletic brilliance every now and then on the television screen. But the truth is, sport consumes so much of an athlete’s life. Often, sport is a joy, as the rush of competition redeems seemingly endless hours of training and practice. And for the many Christian athletes who spend years in pursuit of their dreams, there is both opportunity and temptation: the chance to glorify God in sport, and the risk of it becoming...

Running with Polar Bears

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Some people swim with dolphins. Some people run with the bulls in Spain. Albert thought he would take it a step further and run a marathon in Polar Bear country. Read more about this fund raising adventure.

Rugby and Trusting God?

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What does rugby and trusting God have to do with each other? If you ask Jono from New Zealand, the answer may surprise you. Read a great story of how God can use an athlete.