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God and Basketball.

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For Katherine and Michelle Plouffe, God and basketball have always been a part of their lives.  For many years, however, God and basketball were segmented, disconnected and at times at odds with the other.  Like many athletes, the Plouffe’s struggled with value, worth, identity, pressure, and didn’t know how their faith in Jesus could free them from these challenges. It was in college where both Michelle and Katherine began to understand that basketball was what they did, not who they...

Faith. Family. Basketball.

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Tamara Tatham, Gold Medalist with the Senior Women’s National Basketball Team, credits her faith in God and family support to her success in life on and off the court.   For more than half of her basketball career, Tamara Tatham has been playing with the Senior Women’s National Team.  It was only at the age of 13 that she began playing the sport competitively, and because of her hard work and dedication to improving, she bloomed faster than most expected. Tatham’s faith...

Translation: I saw Jesus on the Move

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The 2014 World Cup of Soccer drew the attention of the entire world!  In June, AIA Soccer took a group of 24 men and 22 women to Brazil for a soccer missions tour. We went during the World Cup to compete, host kids camps and bring the love and message of Jesus.  We engaged with college, semi-pro, and ex-professional players from Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Korea and Brazil. During this tour, both the men’s and women’s teams played 4 games versus semi-pro and amateur...