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Translation: I saw Jesus on the Move

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The 2014 World Cup of Soccer drew the attention of the entire world!  In June, AIA Soccer took a group of 24 men and 22 women to Brazil for a soccer missions tour. We went during the World Cup to compete, host kids camps and bring the love and message of Jesus.  We engaged with college, semi-pro, and ex-professional players from Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Korea and Brazil. During this tour, both the men’s and women’s teams played 4 games versus semi-pro and amateur...

Lord! We Want More!

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It was smooth sailing for most of us heading to Germany, and as other participants began to arrive we finally met as an AIA team.  Most of us were meeting for the first time and were not sure what to expect from each other or our German hosts.  We quickly realized that the initial plans we had for our first week of camp would not come to fruition. Realizing this, it was imminent that we would really need to seek God, stay positive, and regroup regarding expectations and  how this basketball...

Pioneering a Soccer Camp

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This summer I was blessed to be part of an incredible coaching team. We were pioneering a new stream of soccer camps for older kids and exploring whether there was an opportunity to start up more elite camps. There was an adventure at every turn, while running these nation-wide camps! We would often set up on day 1 and then have to completely re-plan when seeing the kids come off the bus, because they were a different audience than we were expecting.  For example, some weeks we had kids that...